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About Us

Hatay General Trading Company was established in 2013 and is based in Hatay province in Turkey, according to a strategy through which it seeks to maintain its leading position in the field of general trade through its team, experts and the modern technologies it uses.

The company exports its products to many countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Australia, Libya, South Africa, Mali, Ghana and many other countries, as the stock of our customers is always increasing because of its tasks that are in the interest of all parties to achieve the benefit of all, starting with From consumers through to the interest of the company and the interest of its customers.

Our vision

To be one of the best companies at the local and international level, as our vision reflects the path that the company takes in all areas of its business to achieve permanent and continuous growth that benefits all parties contributing to achieve mutual benefit with all customers through the products that are manufactured With extensive experience and the best technology and quality that meets the market requirements.

Our message

To be an ideal model by providing products with the required quality and at competitive prices in the local and international markets. Our company, through modern technologies, its expertise and its team, has high ambitions in line with the aspirations of its customers to maintain the high level of its services to satisfy everyone.

Our mission

The world is in rapid development and Hatay General Trade Company does not stop at a certain limit, but rather is keeping pace with each development rapidly and proceeding in a certain pace of its tasks, making the company take a path that makes it make a positive difference through its products that meet the market requirements with the required quality and at competitive prices.